The Premier Restaurant of

North Cyprus

One of the premier restaurants of Kyrenia, offering a wide range of kebabs and mezes, as well as mouthwatering steaks, all prepared in front of your eyes on our traditional Turkish charcoal grill.

The Story of

Our Restaurant

Niazi’s Restaurant, the inventor of the concept of “full kebab” which has become a passion for Cypriots was born from very humble beginnings by Mr. Niazi Cemali in 1949. 

Delicious Kebaps

Our specialty of fine dining kebaps.

International Cuisine

Selection of popular international dishes.

Desserts Buffet

Desserts and local sweets to complement your meal.

Great Value

City's best-value fine dining experience.

Discover Our

Great Flavors

full kebap

Meet our signiture dish. Full Kebab has been synonymous with Niazi’s Restaurant for over seven decades.

tasty a-la-carte dishes

Fresh and delicious a-la-carte dishes that include red meats, white meats, vegetable dishes, starters and soups.

dry aged fine cuts

Experience firsthand why we take pride in our meet selection, aging and preparation processes. 

vegetables from our own garden

Fresh and organic vegetables grown from our own seasonal garden.

Glorious Flavor Of

Charcoal Barbecue

Grilling food over charcoal gives you that wonderful flavor. Mastery of the charcoal grill has been our specialty since our inception.