Local prices, international tastes

The Menu

Our trademark Dish

Full Kebab

  • Full Kebab Menu per person 700TL

    Served with mezes, salad

fresh and appetizing

Hors D'Oeuvres

  • L'Escargot 330TL

    Cooked in oven with garlic butter & parsley

  • Niazi's Green Salad 220TL

    All from our garden. With sun dried tomatoes and parmesan flakes.


  • Stuffed Artichoke 260TL

    Fresh Artichoke with leaves stuffed with minced meat.

  • Kolokas 310TL

    A root plant specialty, with Chicken

  • Molohiya 310TL

    A leafy vegetable stew, with lamb.

  • Çiçek Dolması 190TL

    Stuffed zucchini flowers with rice, onions, tomatoes & spices.

  • Karniyarik 280TL

    Aubergine filled with minced meat, onions, tomatoes & spices.

Succulent and Juicy

Lamb Dishes

  • Brochette of Lamb 650TL

    Grilled pieces of lamb fillets cooked on a skewer with vegetables.

  • Noisette Of Lamb 650TL

    Grilled medallions of lamb chops with thyme, tarragon and sage.

  • Oven Roast Juicy Chunk Of Lamb 630TL

    Roasted with potatoes, onions & carrots.

  • B.B.Q Lamb Spare Ribs 580TL

    Roasted with potatoes, onions & carrots.

Dry Aged Steaks

  • Grilled Tender Fillet Steak 600TL
  • Grilled Aged T-Bone Steak 690TL
  • Grilled Aged Rib Eye Steak 690TL
  • Grilled Sirlion Steak 570TL
  • Delmonico Beyond The Rib 610TL
  • Rump 560TL


beef dishes

  • Tournedo Chasseur 630TL

    Grilled fillet steak with chasseur sauce; (bone stock, vegetables, butter, flour, t. puree & w. wine).

  • Entrecote Chasseur 570TL

    Grilled entrecote steak with chasseur sauce; (bone stock, butter, flour, t. puree, wine & vegetables).

  • Peppered Steak 630TL

    Fillet steak grilled with crushed peppercorns and cooked in butter with brandy, demi glace & cream.

  • Tournedo Rossini 630TL

    Grilled fillet steak with liver pate and rossini sauce (demi glace, butter, flour, port wine).

  • Beef Stroganoff With Rice 610 TL

    Fillet strips in a casserole; (butter, onions, mushrooms, gherkins, demi glace, wine & cream).

  • Caper Steak 630 TL

    Grilled fillet steak cooked in butter, demi glace, brandy, wine, mustard, cream & capers).

  • Steak Diane 630 TL

    Fillet escallops coated with mustard, cooked in butter, onions, mushrooms, tomato, demi glace, wine & cream.

  • Fillet Cafe de Paris 630 TL

    Grilled fillet steak topped with "Cafe de Paris Sauce" (butter, onion, mustard, wine, parsley).

  • Braised Calves Liver 460 TL

    Braised in butter with onion rings (brandy, cream and fine herbs).

Alternatives to Red Meat

poultry dishes

  • Grilled Chicken 460 TL

    Half a boneless chicken marinated in olive oil, paprika, rosemary and mixed herbs.

  • Grilled Chicken Sauté Chasseur 460 TL

    Chicken with chasseur sauce; (bone stock, vegetables, butter, flour, t. puree, white wine).

  • Brochette Of Chicken 460 TL

    Pieces of chicken grilled on skewer with onions, red & green peppers & mushrooms.

  • Poulet Du Macon 460 TL

    Chicken escallops cooked in garlic butter with coriander, lemon, white wine & cream.

  • Breast Of Chicken In Veronaise Sauce 460TL

    Cooked in oven with cheese, coated with "Verona'se" (butter, wine, cream and juliennne vegetables).

  • Chicken With Salmon, King Prawn & Cheese 490 TL

    Roulard of chicken stuffed with salmon, king prawn and cooked in oven; topped with cheese.

  • Chicken Vermouth With Prawns 460 TL

    Chicken breast with onions, mushrooms, pimento, cooked in butter, vermouth & cream.

  • Chicken In Plum Sauce 460 TL

    Grilled chicken breast, cooked in butter, white wine & seasonings; topped with plum sauce.

  • Chicken With Wild Porcini Mushrooms 460 TL

    Strips of chicken cooked in a casserole with garlic butter, white wine, cream, shallots & gherkins.

  • Chicken Pesto 460 TL

    Grilled chicken breast, cooked in butter, wine, stock, cream & pesto sauce.

Bounties from the sea


  • Fresh Grilled Filleted Seabream 540 TL
  • Grilled Skewered Fish With Prawns 550 TL

    Salmin and swordfish pieces with king prawns grilled with vegetables on skewer.

  • Fillet Of Fish With Prawns In Sauce Bonne Femme 530 TL

    Fresh fish oven cooked with Bonne-femme (butter, onions, pimento, mushrooms, wine & cream).

  • Seabass With Asparagus and Paprika Sauce 540 TL

    Fillets of fresh seabass topped with wine, paprika and cream sauce.

  • Seafood Casserole 520 TL

    Fresh bream fillets cooked in a casserole with garlic butter, wine and fine vegetables.

  • Fish Fillet Florentine 540 TL

    Fresh seabass cooked in the oven with wine; topped with spinach, mushrooms, pimento & sheese.

  • Grilled Salmon Steak With Capers Sauce 550 TL

    Darne of salmon topped with caper sauce; (butter, wine, fish stock, capers and cream).

  • King Prawns With Garlic Butter 570 TL

    Cooeked in the oven with garlic butter and herbs in a casserole.

  • Fried Fillet Of Fresh Fish In Batter 530 TL
  • Scampi Deep Fried In Breadcrumbs & Batter 520 TL

For meatless days

Vegetarian dishes

  • Niazi's Mezes 500 TL

    (Cacik, hummus, yoghurt, green salad, cabbage salad, beetroot, fried corrette & aubergine, Cyprus fries, borek & grilled halloumi cheese.)

  • Mushroom Stroganoff Casserole with Rice 400 TL

    Button mushrooms cooked in garlic butter, with demi glace, onions vegetables, brandy, wine & cream.

  • Mantı (Cyprus Ravioli) 370 TL

    Cheese & Spinach

  • Karnıyarık (Stuffed Aubergine) 270 TL

    Cooked in the oven with buttter, onions, green peppers, tomatoes and garlic.

  • Spaghetti With Vegetable Sauce 360 TL

    Spaghetti topped with vegetable sauce (butter, onions, tomatoes, green peppers & mushrooms)

  • Lasagna With Cheese and Vegetables 430 TL