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A Quick and Convenient version of Niazi’s. For those who prefer a lighter meal, we offer wide selection of kebabs, steaks and grills with alternatives of chickhen, lamb, fish dishes, hamburgers and other tasty dishes, including the complimentary salad buffet. Good selection of home made sweets and ice cream from the buffet.

Address: Ziya Rızkı Str. Sıdıka Ersoy Apt. Kyrenia, North Cyprus
Tel: 0392 444 1949
Tel: 0548 844 1949


It is an elegant restaurant serving fresh Cypriot fish and different fish menus, located right on the seafront opposite Girne Niazi’s.

Address: Kordonboyu Str, opposite Niazi’nin Restaurant, Kyrenia, North Cyprus.
Tel: 0392 815 6555
Tel: 0548 835 6555



It is a popular restaurant with Café-style kebabs and a wide menu on the ground floor, and “Full Kebab” and extensive A’ La Carte dishes upstairs.

Address: Yenikent-Gonyeli, Nicosia, North Cyprus
Tel: 0392 223 8888
Tel: 0548 823 8888




Openned in March 2013 near the famous old city of Famagusta. İt is only few minutes drive from the border gate to the South and the British base Dhikelia. A pleasant and modern setting with separate dining facilities cater for all budgets.

Address: Doktorlar Sr, Famagusta, North Cyprus
Tel: 0392 366 0500